Opportunities in Mathematics

(Note: This page introduces the reader to types of information available within the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics or via links to other internet locations.)


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·         Career Information for Mathematics Majors

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Professional Opportunities:


  • a starting point for learning about CAREERS related to mathematics

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Student Organizations at Missouri Western:

  • Missouri Western Matrix – Student club for any students with interests in computer science, mathematics, or physics.

  • Kappa Mu Epsilon - Missouri Lambda Chapter
    • Kappa Mu Epsilon is a specialized honor society in Mathematics. Its chapters are located in over a hundred colleges and universities across the U.S. The chapters members are selected from students of mathematics and other closely related fields who have maintained standards of scholarship and have attained academic distinction. The society attempts to further the interests of mathematics in those schools which place their primary emphasis on the undergraduate programs. Kappa Mu Epsilon was founded and continues to exist as a students' mathematics honor society.


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Web Pages of Particular Interest to Students:

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National Organizations:

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