Kaye Adkins
222J Eder
Missouri Western State University
4525 Downs Dr.
St. Joseph, Missouri, 64507

Welcome to the virtual office of Kaye Adkins.

As a Professor of English at Missouri Western, I teach a wide range of writing classes. My office looks like many college professors' offices-stacks of projects (graded and ungraded), copies to be filed, forms to be signed, and of course full bookcases lining the walls. I am fortunate to have a roomy office with a nice view of the fountains in front of our building.

  As you look around, you will see stacks of books, papers, and projects for the courses that I am currently teaching.
In Fall 2019 I am teaching:

English 108 College Composition and Research  
English/Technical Communication 401 Senior Portfolio  
Technical Communication 421 Research and Practice in Technical Communication 
English 540 Writing for Management and Supervision 

My regular course load also includes:

English 104 College Writing and Rhetoric   
English 112 Honors Composition and Rhetoric 

Technical Communication 200 Intro. to Technical Communication   
Technical Communication 420 Technical Documentation  
Technical Communication 424/524 Instructional Design    

Technical Communication 520 Publications Management  
Technical Communication 600 Technical Communication Theory and Practice  
Technical Communication 630 Documenting Procedures 
Technical Communication 612 Seminar in Professional Writing  
Technical Communication 690 Capstone Portfolio
Technical Communication 695 Thesis
I have also taught:
English 210 Literature of the Environment 
English 220 Introduction to Reading Texts  
English 232 Language Awareness  
English 301 Advanced Composition 
English 364 Composition Theory 
English 430 Wilderness and the American Character 
English 467/567 Grammar and the Teaching of Grammar  
Technical Communication 424 Electronic and Online Communication  
Public Relations Writing 422 Public Relations Writing 
English 664 Composition Theory and Pedagogy  


Useful links:

     Tutorials for Word 2010 from the Goodwill Community Foundation
     Computer labs on the Missouri Western campus
     Training materials for Moodle at Missouri Western
     How to download articles from the library databases

     Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL   
     Washington State Univeristy QuickGuides to Documentation Systems
     Technical Communication resources and examples    

On my shelves, you will see books that are related to my teaching interests.  I also am a member of professional organizations whose publications and conferences help me to improve my teaching.
My technical communication textbooks:
Technical Communication: A Practical Approach
, 8th ed. (written with William S. Pfeiffer), Pearson, 2013.
Technical Communication Fundamentals,
(written with William S. Pfeiffer), Pearson, 2012.

Association of Teachers of Technical Writing

Conference on College Composition and Communication (for which I have coordinated the Eco-composition Special Interest Group)
Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication  
IEEE Professional Communication Society  
Society for Technical Communication (STC)  
STC Instructional Design Special Interest Group
STC Policies and Procedures Special Interest Group  

My desk, like many other college professors' desks, has stacks of paper.  Among them, you will find correspondence for other organizations that I actively participate in or have connections with.

Department of English and Modern Languages , MWSU
Missouri Western State University
University of Kansas (M.A., Ph.D.)
Pittsburg State University (B.A.)

My vita  

You can contact me through my email at kadkins@missouriwestern.edu or visit my official department-maintained Web page .

Thank you for visiting.