Missouri Western State University
This server provides access to faculty, staff, and student personal web pages.
To access a user's published files, point your browser to
where <account> is the user's account name.

Example: http://webservices.missouriwestern.edu/users/jsmith

Additionally, the following services are available
(for Missouri Western authorized users)

Serv-U Web Access

An application to access home directories and other shared volumes remotely through the web. This application is fully compatible with modern web browsers.

Click Here to Enter Serv-U


SFTP Access

Allows Missouri Western users to access their home directory via the SFTP secure transfer protocol. Use an SFTP client to access the server at host "webservices.missouriwestern.edu".

For instructions on using the recommended Filezilla transfer program with this service, see the File Transfer to P: Drive instructions (PDF).

---------------------- IMPORTANT SERVICE CHANGE NOTIFICATION ----------------------

Beginning May 9, 2014, this service requires the use of the SFTP secure protocol. FTP will no longer be supported or available, as it is insecure and does not encrypt passwords.